Pattern Partner Dances
Just One Of The Boys Too

Silent Partners

Badonkadonk Two (Video)

Honky Tonk Friends

International Harvester

All I Want 2 Do (Video)

Cabo San Lucas Por Dos (Video)

Too Groovy (Video)

Double Dog Dare Ya

Rock Me Mama (aka Wagon Wheel) (Video)

Cowboy Mambo (Video)

Our Kinda Night (Video)

We Like Stripes (Video)

Sippin' On Southern (Video)

Sun Dazed

Can We 2 Step (Video)

We're Gonna (Video)

Happy Man (Video)

Our Rebel Heart (Video)

Deep South (Video)

Guess What

Lonely Drummer (Video)

Heartache Cha (Video)

Women N Men (Video)

          Down 2 The Honkeytonk (Video)

Codigo 2 Go  (Video)


Barb & Dave's Choreographed Dances
Line Dances
Just One Of The Boys
Honky Tonk Friends
Too Groovy